Nantong Jinxing Fluorides Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jinxing for short) is a professional chemical enterprise specialized in manufacturing and exporting high quality inorganic fluorine products. Jinxing is a newly incorporated company based on its predecessor "Changshu Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd", which was founded in 1975; it relocates its entire plant to a new production site in Nantong Rudong Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China, covering an area of about 40,000 square meters. It is a company with rights to import and export independently. Jinxing has a line of inorganic fluorine products under brand name "Jin De Fu" (golden wonderful), with the annual output amounting to 27,000 tons. The main products include potassium fluoroborate, potassium fluotitanate, potassium fluorozirconate, potassium fiuoroaluminate, potassium bifiuoride, anhydrous potassium fluoride, ammonium fluoroborate, ammonium fiuozirconate, fiuozirconic acid, fluotitanic acid, fiuoroboric acid, lithium fluoride and so on, a total of more than 30 inorganic fluoride products.

    Through 40 years of development, Jinxing has built experienced research and development teams in fluoride production, and lately it brings in a group of young and energetic management talents to bring the business to the next level. Meanwhile, Jinxing sets up a new institute for new product development, purchases in a number of high-tech testing equipment such as ICP and laser particle size analyzer, and employs advanced automatic production units for large scale production. They are part of the efforts of continuous quality and efficiency improvement, which ensure products of high quality and enhance overall competitiveness of Jinxing in the market place. Jinxing has become an important base of China for inorganic fluorine material research, innovation and export. The overall strength of Jinxing has ranked number one domestically in its industry, and its comprehensive advantages lie in its capability in manufacturing products in variety, premium quality and large scale. Jinxing products are widely used in a variety of areas ranging from general industry to high-tech industry. The current goal of Jinxing is striving to become "a world-class manufacturer of fluorine products".

    As a chemical company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Jinxing continuously pays attention to the issue of environmental protection and workplace safety along with its mission of improving product quality. Every year, Jinxing makes significant investments to ensure safety in production and environmental protection. Jinxing constantly updates and improves its current production technology and machinery and increases automation to ensure environment-friendly production activities, which leads to emission reduction of three wastes (they are industrial water, gas and solid wastes). In addition, Jinxing cares a lot about health issues of its employees and strives to enhance the protection strength at every aspect of production by various means, including training employees regularly on topics of environmental protection and production safety.

    Products of Jinxing have been certified by ISO9000 quality certification system. Jinxing has gained rights of import and export independently, and it possesses a professional and experienced team of sales and exportation. Until now, Jinxing has established lasting and steady trade partnership with numerous businesses in more than 50 countries and regions. In order to meet customer requirements of packaging, Jinxing can provide various types of packaging made of different materials, including composite bags, paperboard barrel, container bags and plastic drums and others.

    Jinxing, under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Zhengxing Lu (who also serves on the Chinese inorganic fluoride expert panel), always upholds the concept of "people-oriented" and practices the working style of "stressing actual result and performance, perfecting management system, improving product quality and increasing efficiency" . Jinxing will continue its efforts in improving product quality, production technology and its service quality before and after sale, in order to improve customer experience and make its customers more satisfied. Jinxing always warmly and sincerely welcomes all friends and guests come to visit Jinxing and provide valuable advice, and looks forward to future cooperation.

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