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    Industry discussion on new fine chemical technology

    Time: 2021-02-18

    Sinochem News Network News On September 14, the 2017 Green Fine Chemical New Technology and Product Exchange Conference hosted by the Fine Chemicals Professional Committee of the China Chemical Industry Society and undertaken by the Shaanxi Petrochemical Research and Design Institute and the Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry was held in Xi’an. More than 200 experts and scholars from relevant domestic research institutes, universities and enterprises participated in the meeting to exchange the latest trends in technological innovation and industrial development of the fine chemical industry, and discuss new products, new technologies, new equipment and new products that support the transformation and upgrading of the fine chemical industry. Craft.

    Wu Zhenyi, chairman of the Fine Chemicals Professional Committee of China Chemical Industry Society and chief engineer of Sinochem Chemical Science and Technology Research Institute, told reporters that the green chemical industry is facing unprecedented environmental protection and safety and high pressure. High-end green chemicals can meet the requirements of the situation and promote China from a major fine chemical industry to a powerful one.

    Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Institute of Modern Chemistry, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, etc., respectively focus on the progress of methanol conversion technology, green and efficient synthesis of fluorine-containing special chemicals, and nanocomposites in leather chemicals development research and application. In addition to the conference report, two sub-venues were set up for catalytic technology and new synthetic technology, oil field chemicals and special water treatment agents.

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